Guignol Noir - Ritual ov Initiation

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This blog introduces the work of "Cheib" and "Schiach" as well as all other artists associated with Milk ov Madness. We are a group of individuals dedicated to make infernal and malignant music and soundscapes on an independent level.

Our main projects are "Guignol Noir" (Psychodelic Experimental Black Metal) and "Täifl" (Alpine Neo-folk Black Metal and Ambient / Folk). Guignol Noir has been active since winter 2007 and as to this date had a concert at Werk 21, Zürich at the Concilia nocturna Event in 2014 and also a one song collaboration with Suamanucaedere (Project of Cheib aka Jehoruan) at Black Art Basel Event.

All releases can be found on Bandcamp.com (Links can be found on this site of course).

All releases here are official and we keep all rights reserved.